2013/2014 Pregnancy Timeline

** Continued from IVF Timeline

December 19, 2013 – 1st beta… 85.4, progesterone 15. Continue Crinone once a day. Retest December 26. (9dp5dt)

December 26 – 2nd beta… 2506, progesterone 32. Continue Crinone. Ultrasound January 2. (16dp5dt)

January 2, 2014 – (6 weeks pregnant) beta 19,049, progesterone 34.8. Two (2) gestational sacs: 1 too small, other empty (but RE not worried). Repeat ultrasound in 1 week.

January 9 – (7 weeks) Beta 45,579 (not sure why they’re still checking), progesterone 33.4. Saw 1 baby measuring 6 weeks 6 days with a heart rate of 131. The other gestational sac was still empty and had not grown. Ultrasound with RE next week.

January 16 – (8 weeks) No blood work. Baby measuring 7w4d, heart rate 160. One more ultrasound with RE next week.

January 23 – (9 weeks) Progesterone 30.5. Baby measuring 8w6d, heart rate 185. Graduated to OB next week!

January 31 – (10w1d) OB found heartbeat (~170 bpm). Next appointment in 1 month.

March 5 – (14w6d) Heart rate in the upper 140s to lower 150s. Blood draw for Verifi test (read results here).

March 28 – (18w1d) Heart rate 150s. Blood pressure high at first (143/73), but came down at end of appointment (130/63). Ultrasound in 1 month.

April 29 – (22w5d) Heart rate 140s. Blood pressure 115/62. Repeat ultrasound in 5 weeks to check baby’s spine and kidneys.

June 3 – (27w5d) Baby still wasn’t in good position to see both kidneys and spine, so will need another scan in 2 weeks. Passed gestational diabetes test.

June 18 – (29w6d) Baby still frank breech position, but both kidneys were visible and looked good. Still could not see sacral spine. OB suggested waiting until I feel baby has turned before scheduling another ultrasound. Regular appointment in 2 weeks.

July 3 – (32w) OB thinks baby flipped to head down position, but ultrasound on July 7 confirmed she’s still breech and indicated amniotic fluid slightly low (increase water, no follow up needed).

August 13 – (38w) Baby still breech; c-section scheduled for August 25

August 25 – Water broke night before scheduled c-section. Baby born via c-section at 3:12 a.m.


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