I Need a POAS Intervention

I feel like a fucking idiot.

An online retailer from whom I have purchased supplements and OPKs in the past sent an email offering a deep discount on a new pregnancy test strip they are trying out from a new supplier. In exchange for the discount, I had to agree to provide honest feedback on the tests. The maker claims the test yields positive results at 10 miu/ml hcg, making it a fairly sensitive test.

When I got my tests, I was 6 dpo. I took one that evening, knowing it wouldn’t be accurate, but I could at least see if there was streaking or evaps or anything else weird about them. I was shocked to see a second pink line pop up almost right away, especially since it was so early, and I hadn’t done a proper urine hold before the test. Could this be the real thing?

It occurred to me that the test might be faulty, so I took another one a few hours later. Same second line. Okay… two faulty tests? I decided to use my only FRER the next morning, thinking I would certainly get a positive, if these new tests were right.

7 dpo, morning…. FRER was negative. The new tests were still showing that same damn line, though. Maybe my hcg just isn’t high enough yet for FRER? I bought more FRER tests for the next day.

8 dpo, morning… Still negative on FRER, still positive on the new tests. It occurred to me that these are just crap tests, so I did a little experiment of my own. Tap water… positive. Saline solution… positive. My toddler’s urine… much lighter than the other lines, but still what I would consider positive. That pretty much confirms these are crap tests, right?

9 dpo… Well, that didn’t stop me from blowing $50 on a variety of pregnancy tests, and using them on the FMU I saved in an airtight container and brought to work. (Yeah… I did that, as much as it pains me to admit it.) All of those tests were negative, of course: EPT, FRER, and the Wal-Mart cheapies. Not even an infamous evap on the blue dye EPT test.

10 dpo… Non-crap tests were all still negative. Then I received an email from the retailer thanking me for my feedback on their new crap tests. They said they decided NOT to use this new supplier (apparently other women also got false positives). They offered to refund my money AND send me replacement tests from their current supplier. They also apologized for my horrible experience.

11 dpo… Good old AF arrived at 2:00 am this morning. I currently feel like stabbing everyone. I desperately want to stay at home for the next few miserable days, but I’m facing several deadlines at work. Instead, I think I will close my office door and cry a little… or a lot.


10 thoughts on “I Need a POAS Intervention

  1. That f*cking sucks!! Maybe they should have done some quality control before sending them out. Sorry you had to go through that.

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