Money Can’t Buy Happiness….

…. But it CAN lessen one’s burden, and less stress leaves more room for happiness.

This weekend was weird. My sister got a call from our aunt, the sister of our estranged father who passed away years ago. His father (our grandfather, obviously) passed away a few months ago, and since our father was also deceased, my sisters and I were to be the recipients of my father’s portion of the estate.

Our family is not wealthy, so I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe a couple hundred dollars or so. But, my aunt insisted on giving us our checks in person, rather than sending them through the mail, so we agreed to meet her. Seeing anyone from my father’s side of the family is always stressful. There’s just not a lot of love there, rather lots of resentment, and you can feel it. It was a stressful encounter, but afterwards we shopped then ate sushi, so that made up for it.

Anyway, my sisters and I were shocked when we saw the figures on our checks. It’s not a life-changing windfall, but it’s enough to pay for our FET cycle, plus medications. We had put most of it on a credit card, which we can now pay off in full, with funds to spare for our savings account.

It’s a huge weight off of our shoulders. We were managing just fine, but I was beginning to get really stressed out thinking about my maternity leave and how much of it will likely be unpaid, followed immediately by a doubling of our daycare bill. (In fact, we’ll likely have to start paying for a spot long before we actually need it, just to ensure we will have a spot at all.) Being able to clear out our credit card debt (we still have plenty of other debt, like student loans, car payment, and a mortgage) is a huge relief.

Feeling incredibly grateful.


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