11 Pounds Gone

Starting weight:  236      

Current weight:  225      

Weight loss so far:  11 

I started my weight loss program 8 weeks ago, so that’s a little more than a pound a week on average. I have to say, I’m very proud of myself for sticking to the program through the holidays. It wasn’t easy, and I fell off the wagon in a big way on Christmas day, but I’m still glad that I started this when I did. A lot of people said they feel bad for me “dieting” through the holidays, but it was good for me. Knowing that I would have to get on that scale and show my coach what I ate that week helped me to make much better decisions than I would have in the past.

Seeing success week after week has really increased my confidence, energy, and mood. Just this morning, I was dancing – actually dancing! – like a damn fool in the kitchen while I made breakfast for my daughter. For the first time, I could actually picture myself at my goal weight. I still have a plenty of pounds to go – 55 to be exact – but I actually feel as though I can do it. I’ve never felt that any other time I’ve tried to lose weight.


This has nothing to do with my post. It’s just an old photo from a few summers ago, something pretty to spruce up the page.



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