More of Me From (Slightly) Less of Me

It hasn’t been a month yet, but I wanted to post an update on my weight loss journey. In my last post, I mentioned how, at just 4 days in, I was already feeling better overall – more energy, more focused, less heartburn. After 3 weeks, I still have more energy and focus (my memory is even a little better, I dare say), nearly zero heartburn, and very few cravings. I’m still struggling with old habits, like grabbing a candy bar when I go through the check out lane at Target, or stopping for scones at the bakery down the street from my office. I’m amazed at how powerful those habits had become, to the point where if I even so much as thought about going to the store, I would automatically picture myself picking out my favorite chocolate and eating it. Because I’m more focused, I’m also more mindful of these thoughts when they pop up, and I’ve been able to resist acting on them. You guys, that’s huge for me! I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back right now.

The other big thing I’m excited about is the extra energy for keeping up with my daughter. Before, I felt so guilty, because I just didn’t have the energy to really play with her. Now, I look forward to seeing what new games we can come up with together, or finding new things to teach her.

Overall, I’m more present and focused – with my husband, with my daughter, with my career.

I’m down a total of about 4.5 pounds so far. Even more than the weight loss, I’m proud of the good choices I’ve made over the last 3 weeks. I’m really and truly starting to change the way I think about food. And that’s my ultimate goal.

In other news, my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on November 20. That was also the due date of my first pregnancy (one year after our wedding). It’s amazing to think about all we’ve been through since then.

11-20-10 Kara & Mike (185)



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