Eviction Date (Or, Careful What I Wish For)

I don’t think I’ve actually come out and said it here, but I’ve been ready to have this baby for several weeks now. Yes, it’s best for baby to stay put for the entire 40 weeks – or even longer – and I completely agree with that. In fact, from the beginning, I’ve known I would not accept any measures to induce labor before 42 weeks, unless medically necessary. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been wishing for her to come early on her own

Well, apparently, the universe chose to ignore the on her own part. Because she is breech, baby has been served an eviction notice in the form of a cesarean birth scheduled for August 25. The plan is to do one final ultrasound that day. If by some miracle she is head down, I will be sent home to wait until she’s ready, as originally planned. Otherwise, we proceed with the surgery. (I’ve updated my birth plan page to include our plan for a cesarean birth.)

Emotionally, I’m at peace with it. I have to be, since there’s not another option. Frank breech babies can be and are delivered vaginally, but my OB doesn’t have experience with it, nor do any of the others in the practice. Furthermore, I’m not a good candidate for ECV or external cephalic version. This is a procedure where the doctor attempts to turn the baby by manipulating her from the outside, all the while monitoring the baby for signs of stress. It’s safe for mom and baby (provided there are no known contraindications), though it can be painful for the pregnant person. It’s not always successful, and babies can turn back to breech even after a successful version. It’s usually done later in pregnancy to a) give the baby time to turn on her own, and b) make sure the baby is close to full term in case an emergency c-section is needed, which can happen.

After reading about ECV – personal stories, as well as studies – I honestly didn’t know whether or not I should try it. I was leaning toward not. On the one hand, I had my heart set on a medication-free, vaginal birth, and this was a chance to make that happen. On the other hand were a lot of risks (low, but still risks) and no guarantees that it would work. In the end, I’m relieved that the decision wasn’t mine. My OB declared that I was a poor candidate for ECV due to slightly low amniotic fluid and an anterior placenta.

Even though I’m at peace with having a cesarean birth, I’m still a little anxious about recovering from major surgery while taking care of a newborn. I will have lots of help, but it’s still a daunting thought. I’m trying to focus more on the end result: Our baby finally arriving, safe and sound.

So, it looks like I will get my wish for baby to arrive sooner rather than later. Of course, I was hoping for much different circumstances. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for!


28 thoughts on “Eviction Date (Or, Careful What I Wish For)

  1. I wish the best for you. Just know that you will be in the hospital for a few days and you shouldn’t be in that much pain when you leave. I was out and about 3 days after I got home after both of my c-sections.

  2. I had a myomectomy and was back at work in two weeks (like an idiot – but I was there…). Many message boards I have read said that the C-section was a piece of cake compared to the myomectomy. Maybe it is because the outcome is so much more fantastic? Will be thinking of you in the next couple of weeks and hoping everything goes as well as possible!

  3. Would you be willing to try acupuncture? My acupuncturist did two pints on my toes and baby was turned at my appointment the following week. She told me if baby didn’t turn by the following week she would send me home with moxibustion sticks to use at home so I could work on it. Also, spinningbabies.com has some info that might help. I’ll be thinking of you! Good luck mama! How exciting you are so close! Many hugs!

    • I couldn’t find any acus who have experience with this particular issue. (I’m in a relatively rural area, so most acus are also chiropractors, who use acu in a limited sense.) I tried some of the positions from spinning babies, but no luck. I think she’s just very stubborn, or physically just can’t turn. She’s been in the same position this entire pregnancy.

  4. I had a c section too. I will say that it was not nearly as terrible as everyone makes them out to be. I recovered easily and had so little pain I only ever took motrin. Hopefully you will also have a good experience. Or little one can just turn!! That would be fine too, right! 😉

    • That’s good to hear! My sister had one unplanned c-section, after nearly 24 hours of labor, and one planned c-section. She said the planned one was a piece of cake compared to the first!

  5. I had a planned c-section (due to fibroid/endo surgery two years ago) and honestly, the fibroid/endo surgery was MUCH WORSE. I was worried about recovering from the c-section but it really, truly was not that bad. The couple extra days you spend in the hospital are sort of nice because you get more nurses giving you tips on breastfeeding, more chances to see a lactation consultant in the hospital, and more help in general.

  6. I had a version under epidural (baby a was out and baby B was transverse) and it still hurt like hell. I cannot imagine having one in a doctors office with no painkiller. You have to make the right choice for you given the information and resources you have. I admire the fact that you aren’t miserable about losing the birth you planned

  7. I ended up needed an emergency csection after a few hours of labor. I was terrified of csections my entire pregnancy, but honestly recovery was so much better than I thought it would be. The hardest part is getting up/down or rolling over in bed, and that’s usually a lot better by the 4-6 week mark. It goes by so fast, too. Just stay on top of your pain, and invest in some stool softener, haha.

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