Flips & Kicks

Up until recently, baby C has been in a frank breech position (bottom down, legs straight up with the feet next to the head). This position, and the fact that she was so low in my pelvis, made it impossible to see the lower part of her spine on an ultrasound. Also difficult to see were her kidneys. (No one suspects anything is wrong with any of these parts, but it’s routine to confirm so everyone can be prepared to treat problems at birth.)

After 3 anatomy scans, all incomplete because of her position, I think she finally flipped. I say “think,” because I haven’t had another ultrasound to confirm. The reason I think she flipped: On Saturday evening, as I was trying to relax on the couch, I suddenly felt the strangest movement. It was big, slow, and just plain weird. Ever since, all of her movements feel different. In fact, for most of Sunday and Monday morning, I didn’t feel her move much at all, which, of course, sent me into a mini panic.

To be safe, I called my OB Monday morning, who instructed me to go straight to labor and delivery for monitoring. I had a nonstress test (NST), which simply monitors the baby’s heart rate and movements for about 30 minutes. Everything was perfect, thankfully. She was actually moving quite a bit, and even some of the bigger movements she made, I couldn’t feel. Apparently, I can only feel the really strong ones. The nurse did not perform an ultrasound, but she said from my description, she believes the baby most likely did turn and is possibly facing my back, which would explain why I can’t feel her as much. I will have another ultrasound in a few weeks to (hopefully) complete the anatomy scan.

By Monday evening, C was kicking away like mad. In fact, she kicked so hard, even M could feel it! Guys, he felt her move for the very first time! It was the best moment in this pregnancy so far!

Not a great moment was the hospital’s childbirth class on Saturday. Completely useless. We learned more from our doula in 2 hours than we did in this 7 hour class. The instructor let her biases shine through, which irked me to no end. She kept saying things like “Of course, c-section is no one’s first choice….” and “I’m sure we all agree, breast is best!” I regret that I didn’t say something. Or just leave. I guess I kept hoping I might learn something new. But she didn’t even address the questions she asked us to write down and give to her at the beginning of class. Colossal waste of time.

I’m looking forward to another visit with our doula this coming weekend to work out our labor and delivery preferences. She recently attended a birth at our hospital, so I’m also eager to hear about that experience, particularly how the L&D team reacted to the presence of a doula. (It’s kind of a new thing around here to have a doula.)


10 thoughts on “Flips & Kicks

  1. I’m so thrilled that M was able to feel C move! Just wait until he’s laying on your belly and gets a good kick to the face, K’s reaction was pretty priceless when that happened. I’m sorry your 7 hour birthing class (sheesh 7 hours?!) was a waste of time, but I’m glad you’ve been learning from your doula. It’ll be interesting to hear how things went with her recent birth, hopefully she can give you some good tips!

  2. I had the same thing, baby was breech until about 25 weeks, then I felt one HUGE weird movement and next ultrasound, head down. It’s incredible how much the movement changes and gets different as you progress. The best best times are when your husband can feel it. It’s gone from a general thumping sensation to being able to feel arms and legs when they are sticking out. He can even feel them! It’s totally weird, but also totally awesome.

  3. So exciting! I loved our doulas (I hired one for my partner too because I knew he would be unconscious and possibly suffering from head trauma if left to his own devices at the birth – I was right) and I’m so glad to hear you have one and like working with her so far. If I ever get to have another successful pregnancy I will defiantly be calling up my doula!

    I hope you’re right that C had gotten into a better position. Also hoping its smooth sailing from here forward generally.

  4. that’s really exciting Kitten. Hope all continues to go well and C is getting closer to proper positioning (although you still have time, so don’t worry if she’s not in the perfect spot yet.)

  5. Yay!!! That’s so fun and exciting that your husband finally felt her kick! That big slow movement you described sounds just how it felt when my baby turned. Unfortunately, he turned to frank breech lol. But that is fantastic if she is head down now! Sorry about the birthing class. I’m glad I didn’t go to one….

  6. How exciting that M is now able to feel your little one move! I’m sorry you didn’t get much from the birthing class. Good thing you have a doula, and it sounds like she’ll be well prepared, too!

  7. why do you say baby C? Is this your 3rd pregnancy or do you have a name but just don’t want to say her whole name?

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