Circle + Bloom Coupon


I love Circle + Bloom meditations! I used the one for IVF and the one for pregnancy. Most are fertility related, but not all. And they get fairly specific. For instance, there’s one for frozen embryo transfer, another for egg and embryo donation, and yet another for natural cycles. They have meditations for men, as well as for help sleeping. Just about anything you need, they have it!

Use this link to get 15% off of your purchase.

I do get a cut of each purchase for the referral, which I donate to worthy causes. Please use my link to get your meditation, and share with others!


4 thoughts on “Circle + Bloom Coupon

    • Yes! Especially the IVF one. I listened every day during my cycle. All my other medicated cycles (non-IVF) were so stressful (no meditations), but I sailed through IVF thanks to help from C+B. I haven’t been as consistent with the pregnancy meditations after first tri, but those ones are very helpful, too.

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