22 Weeks Update

If you told me at the beginning of this pregnancy that I would be perfectly fine enduring an entire 13 weeks without an ultrasound, I would have shouted, “Get out!” and shoved you Elaine Benes-style.


Seriously, the ONE thing I was so sure of is that I would be the high maintenance patient, requesting ultrasounds at least once a month, for nothing more than to ease my mind. I was a little nervous when my OB told me at my last appointment that I would have to wait until week 22 for the anatomy scan ultrasound. But, I had my trusty Doppler which lets me hear the baby’s heartbeat whenever I please. Of course, there’s always the nagging voice in my head wondering if everything really is okay. Is the baby an okay size? Does she have enough fluid? Is everything where it should be? But, overall, I’ve been incredibly – surprisingly – relaxed about this pregnancy.

So relaxed, in fact, that I was truly able to enjoy this ultrasound. I made sure M could be there, since the last one he saw in person was at 7 weeks. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very good images to take home. She was being stubborn and wouldn’t turn around so we could see her face or get a good profile. It was so cool to see her looking more like a baby and moving around. We could see her bones and her heart. It was amazing! The tech said that there were some measurements she couldn’t get because of baby’s position, so I’ll have to have another scan at my next appointment in 5 weeks.

In non-baby news, we decided to buy a house now and hopefully get moved in before the end of July. This will be our first home buying adventure!


22 Weeks Update

How far along: 22w5d (due date August 28)

Total weight gain/loss: +2 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight (lost 7-8 during first tri). Now that I have my appetite and sweet tooth back, the pounds are going to start piling on.


  • My lower back pain requires more frequent visits to the chiropractor.
  • I don’t know if this is a symptom, but I get hiccups more frequently than ever before.
  • I have more general discomfort in my abdomen as the baby grows and my insides are shifted around to make room.
  • I have dark splotches on my forehead.
  • I’m starting to develop small skin tags on my neck.
  • I have heat rash at the base of my neck (comes and goes).
  • Crazy heartburn.

Maternity clothes: Wearing them full time, and loving that I’m comfortable enough to show off my bump. Maternity jeans are genius! I don’t plan to ever give them up.

Sleep: Terrible. I get up 4-5 times each night, sometimes to pee, sometimes because I’m just uncomfortable. I know it’s going to get worse, which has me a bit stressed out.

Best moment: The anatomy ultrasound.

Movement: Feeling it every day, but still not consistently. Still haven’t felt it from the outside.

Food cravings: Nothing that stands out.

Sex of the baby: Female.

Labor signs: None.

Belly button: Becoming more shallow all the time.

What I miss: Wine.

What I look forward to: My husband being able to feel movement.

Baby buys: Nothing yet, but we’re starting to get small gifts, and we started our registry.

Milestones: We decided on a name and told our families. We also found a daycare provider – a great one! – which is nearly impossible in this area.

20 thoughts on “22 Weeks Update

  1. Love it 🙂 We are having to go back for part two of our anatomy scan too since our little guy was sleeping facing my spine and refused to turn to face us. I am so happy that everything is going well with you and your little girl ❤

  2. Hi, well done on reaching this far! I am a day after you! How did your weight gain work? Am curious as you say you gained 2 pounds altogether in 22 weeks yet you are wearing maternity jeans? Huh? Is your bump massive, yet how does that only weight 2 pounds or did you mean something else? a 10-15 lb gain at this stage is recommended! Just concerned a bit!

    • Well, I started out very overweight. I lost about 7-8 pounds during the first 15 weeks or so, then started gaining it back. Right now, I’m 2 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight (which is technically my weight from about 1 week after my BFP). I don’t have much to compare my bump to, but I don’t think it’s significantly bigger than normal (whatever that might be). I definitely look pregnant, so I guess my weight must have shifted to my belly. (My legs look thinner and my boobs haven’t gotten any bigger, so maybe that’s where the weight loss occurred?) My OB recommends I gain a total of about 10-15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and she would also be okay with not gaining anything or even losing weight, as long as the baby continues to measure appropriately (which she is).

      • Cool, I wasn’t questioning you! I know every woman puts different amounts on and that’s fine too! Just wondering how a two pound gain could result in maternity jeans. It shows that everyone is different as I had to put on 14lbs before I needed maternity jeans and my bump is small enough at 22 weeks! People say I don’t even look pregnant. As long as baby is doing good, that’s main thing but I know that at my stage(22 weeks) all babies measure the same. My friend told me those measurements are all guess work as they can never really know. It’s all bwe to me! Well done, you are doing great and enjoy it all!

  3. Wow! 13 weeks between ultrasounds is a really long time. By the time I’ll have my next ultrasound (at 20 weeks) it’ll be 8 weeks since my last ultrasound which seems like forever for me. I don’t have a Doppler so I have no idea what’s going on inside of me 😦 I, too, miss wine…lol. I’m glad your pregnancy is going well and good luck with your next ultrasound 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling relaxed about things! Seems like that would make pregnancy much more enjoyable. You’ll start feeling her move more and more every day now! Such an exciting time 🙂

  5. Yay for 22 weeks and for buying a house! I totally thought I’d be asking for ultrasounds all the time as well, and while I’d like to have an ultrasound every appointment just so I can see Breadcrumb grow, I’m ok with only getting one or two the entire pregnancy.

    I totally hear you about getting up during the night. Between peeing, heartburn, our cats, and K’s restlessness, I feel like I fall asleep for 20 minutes before having to get up again!

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