I Met an Infertile!

Well, she’s a probably infertile (I guess I should say the couple is). She and her husband have been married for 9 years, during which time they have never used birth control, and never been pregnant. They have never really tried to get pregnant, but after 9 years not preventing, there’s bound to be something amiss.

This woman (or couple, I should say) are new friends (sort of). It’s a bit complicated. She is the aunt of one of my cousin’s kids, and her husband is a new member of my husband’s band. She has been friends with my younger sister (also in the band) for a number of years. (Did you follow that? Things get a little “familiar” in small towns.) I’ve only just started to get to know them.

She asked me a bunch of questions about how we came to do IVF, how we knew we were infertile, how much IVF costs, etc. I so wanted to urge her to start the testing process, even if they don’t pursue treatments right away, but I know how annoying unsolicited advice can be. And I know it’s something you have to be ready for, emotionally and financially. Of course, should she ever ask, I will definitely share my opinion. I did mention that there are lots of causes of infertility – some easy fixes, some not so easy, some can’t be fixed – so maybe that will encourage them to get started sooner rather than later. Either way, I’m so happy she opened up to me and that I can put my encyclopedic knowledge of infertility to use to help someone I know.

4 thoughts on “I Met an Infertile!

  1. I both love and hate meeting other infertiles in real life. Hate that they’re dealing with infertility, obviously, but love talking with someone who actually gets it. I hope she takes advantage of your font of knowledge on the subject and that you can offer her support if she does decide to pursue treatments!

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