Friday Randomness

I’ve been searching my brain for a week trying to think of a good topic for this post. Spoiler alert: I didn’t find one, so this is going to be random rambling for a few paragraphs.

Pregnancy update   First, everything is still going well with my pregnancy. I’m 13 weeks 1 day today, which by some charts puts me into the second trimester (others say not until the start of 14 weeks). 13 or 14 doesn’t matter much to me; I still feel a little insecure, even though there’s no logical reason. The only reason I’m not wholly insecure is my precious at-home fetal Doppler. Not only does it make me breathe a little easier, but it makes me feel more connected to my little one to actually hear her heart beating.

Crazy dreams   Have you heard that pregnant women often have strange dreams? As a person who has had bizarre vivid dreams nearly every night since childhood, I rolled my eyes at that little fact. I used to roll my eyes at that. I honestly thought my dreams couldn’t get any more weird, but somehow they have. I won’t bore you with the details, but as an example, a few nights ago I dreamed I was nursing a kitten – from my breast (in case you needed that clarification). Now, I’ve had plenty breastfeeding dreams over the years, but never an animal. Of course, in the dream it was perfectly natural.

Trading up   M and I recently started down the path to homeownership! It will be at least a year before we have enough saved to start seriously looking for a house, but it’s such a relief to know that we’re on our way. I’ve been hounding M for years, but I guess it took a viable pregnancy for him to finally get serious about it. We met with the mortgage company at our credit union to see what we could afford and what kind of down payment we would need. It’s not nearly as bad as I expected. We have more options than I anticipated. We just need to save like crazy for a year.

Having fun   Before we decided to save every penny, M and I bought tickets to see Mike Birbiglia tonight. (Out of town, of course. The big names never come to our town.) It’s a long overdue date night. (If you’ve never heard of him, check out Sleepwalk with Me on Netflix. It’s sort of an autobiographical movie. He has a couple of stand up shows on Netflix, too.)


14 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. I’m glad things are chugging along well, yay for the second trimester! I hear you on the crazy dreams, I have numerous strange ones every night, 99% of which don’t make any sense. I’m jealous you get to see Mike Birbiglia, have fun!

  2. Yes, crazy, crazy dreams. Dreams that I feel like have worn me out even further. And I was a crazy, vivid dreamer my whole life as well. I guess we should just enjoy the ride 🙂 It is weird waking up worn out from a dream.

  3. Ohhh the crazy dreams!! How fun, huh? Last week I dreamt that Bruno Mars was staying with us at my inlaw’s condo in Florida and sang lullabies to my belly! That one was nice 🙂

  4. I totally know what you mean about the dreams!!! My dreams have always been bizarre/weird so I didn’t think they could get any worse either, I was wrong too lol. Glad things are still going well!

  5. So glad the pregnancy news is still good. I can so relate to surreal prego dreams. I’m so happy for you that you’re pregnant and suffering the dream phenomenon – the alternative as you know is bleak and still populated with unwanted dreams!

    Glad you’ve got a date night lined up. Hope all continues to progress as it should and your dreams continue to seem natural at the time, no matter what weirdness gets conjured up!

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