What a Difference a Week Makes!


Here she is! Our beautiful blob baby! Just one week ago, she was too tiny to see on the ultrasound, but today she was measuring exactly on target for 7 weeks, with a heartbeat of 131. The other sac was still there, but it hadn’t grown since last week and was still empty.

Needless to say, I cried like a baby during the entire ultrasound.

I’m not really sad about losing the twin. I always thought it was sad when other women lost a twin early on, so I’m kind of surprised. Maybe it’s because we have one healthy baby, or because I’m relieved we won’t have to worry about all the complications that come with multiples, or because we still have a chance for future babies with our 3 frosties. Whatever the reason, I just don’t feel as sad as I thought I would.

I will have one more ultrasound with my RE next week, then my first OB appointment on January 31. Obviously, I’m still a little worried about miscarriage, but for now, all I can think about is that tiny little blob with the flickering heartbeat, who I already love more than anything in the world! And I’m comforted to know that I get another peek next week.

To celebrate our good news, I ordered some way expensive yarn to knit our baby a blanket. I’m not sure how that will work with 2 kittens in the house, but it’s the perfect thing to keep myself busy and focused on bringing home a baby.

THANK YOU! all of you who have been following along, praying, and sending out positive vibes. Your support means so much to me! I know some of you are suffering from recent losses, or you may still be deep in the trenches waiting to start treatments, or currently undergoing treatments…. Please know that my heart is with all of you, and that I’m wishing you all success with whatever comes next. I will understand and not take it personally if you can’t follow along with my story anymore. The pain that comes with seeing someone else have success when I was still struggling is very fresh in my heart, and will be for a very long time. Just know that I will always be cheering you along, no matter what.


41 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Makes!

  1. Once again, I am so very very happy for you guys. Your little blob baby is perfect!

    Kind of random, but I’ve heard that if you put yarn in an upside down flower pot and thread the end out a hole in the bottom, it’ll stop kitties from getting tangled in the yarn ball (I hope that makes sense.) Not sure if that’ll help them not to play with the actual blanket, but you never know.

  2. YES! I’m so happy for you!! So relieved!!! What a wonderful feeling, eh? I’m having a hard time not caps locking everything 🙂 Hooray hooray hooray!!

  3. Ya, how exciting!! I’m sorry for the loss of one of your babies but I’m thrilled the other one is doing better!! Good luck with your blanket, I think that’s a terrific idea, lol about your kitten…..we have the same problems!

  4. So exciting! My 6-week ultrasound is next week, and I am so nervous about it. It’s good to know that if nothing can be seen then, it won’t be long after that I see something. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations a thousand times over; lovely KITTEN! love to you & yours! & thank from a lady that is “”deep in the trenches” it warmed me to the core; that paragraph about all of us still waiting, you put in.. thank so much for your unwavering compassion & YOUR HAPPINESS GIVES US HOPE! so KEEP ON SMILING & ENJOY IT>> YOU DESERVE IT!!

  6. Just found your blog after googling “tired of being the infertile friend among 40+ women cranking out babies like they’re f*cking 20 year olds”. (okay, well, maybe not that last part.) And actually happy for you –random (insightful, honest, witty, beautiful) awesome blog lady. It’s probably the raging hormones coupled with my giant ovaries, but I love you. Or at least, I love the fact that you write this blog. Thank you for being the voice I can’t have.

    • Thank you so much! You sound like you have a great sense of humor about the crapfest that is infertility, which is a good thing, because it’s much easier to survive with your sanity intact. Wishing you the best!

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