6 week Ultrasound

The good news: There were two gestational sacs.

The not-so-good news: One is too small to hope for anything, and the other was empty. No yolk sac. No baby.

My RE explained that she would expect to see a yolk sac by 5.5 weeks, which puts me only 3 days behind schedule. She’s not worried.

I have another scan scheduled for one week from today. That’s when we should for sure see a baby and a heartbeat.

How do I feel? Sick to my stomach, but not because of morning sickness. In fact, most of my nausea and other symptoms went away yesterday. I know it’s still early, and I know symptoms come and go, but I can’t help but worry.

This is going to be a long week in limbo.

ETA: I’m sorry if this post sounds like I have no hope. I do have hope, but it sort of comes and goes. Part of me thinksย I’ve had nothing but bad news the last 3 years trying to have a baby, so why should I expect any different this time?ย while another part fully acknowledges that I have every reason to be hopeful.ย 

74 thoughts on “6 week Ultrasound

  1. Hoping and praying for you. My good friend who is now 19 weeks pregnant had a sac that was measuring 3 days behind at her first ultrasound. I sincerely hope this is the case for you as well.

  2. Totally keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! I am in the same boat of having the symptoms come and go and it makes me worry so much. I will be thinking about you and sending you tons of sticky sticky baby vibes!!!! xo

  3. Ok, try not to panic (easy for me to say). I’m trying to remember back, and I think when I was about that many weeks/days I had a scan that only showed a sac, no yolk, no pole, etc. And now i’m 36 weeks. It really depends on a lot of different factors: how good the ultrasound equipment is, how good the ultrasound-er is, when exactly the embryo implanted, etc. etc. I’ve got everything crossed for you that this works out perfectly. Be well!

    • Thank you! I appreciate the success stories! I did wonder about the expertise of the ultrasound tech. I don’t think they do many early u/s at this clinic (which is different from my RE clinic).

  4. I hope that this week passes quickly and you get to see a healthy heartbeat at your next scan. Try not to worry about your symptoms coming and going, I’ve had failed pregnancies with strong symptoms throughout and know of people who’ve had no symptoms at all. I think they are misleading. Unfortunately only time will tell the outcome. Fingers crossed for you x

  5. Oh, how stressful to wait! I hope this week goes quickly for you. Lots of REs won’t even do an ultrasound that early because of this very reason. I’ve heard many success stories from similar situations. Do your best to stay busy… fingers are crossed so hard for you!!!

  6. Oh, this is tortuous to have to wait a whole week for that wonderful news you are hoping and praying to hear. I hope that many distractions will keep you (at least somewhat) occupied in the meantime, and please know that I am sending you so many good vibes for that little one to make itself known next week. Even though it’s totally understandable (and you don’t have to apologize) that you’re finding it hard to hope too much right now, I’m so glad your doctor is optimistic. Hang in there! We’ll be thinking of you!

  7. I understand how you’re feeling. No matter what people tell you (even Doctors), it’s nearly impossible to completely get rid of worrisome thoughts. All I can suggest is to do what you think is best for you. I hope all goes well!

  8. Super stressful, I get that completely. Following in your footsteps my first scan in on Saturday. Trying to balance terror and hope. I’m so hopeful for you. I had a similar situation in the summer and a heartbeat was detected a few days later so don’t worry. Also my symptoms have always come and gone so don’t think about that too much either. Full of hope for you! xxx

  9. Keeping everything crossed and sending all the positive energy and love to the universe that I have for you. I REFUSE for this not to work out for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Those early scans are a bitch! I feel like they should wait till at least 7 weeks because it’s so ambiguous in weeks 5 and 6. Plus symptoms come and go all the time in the early days. Keep the faith. xo

  11. Crossing everything for you! My first u/s was 5.6 weeks and we could barely see a yolk sac and the twin we ended up losing later on looked empty and was 1/2 the size of the other sac so there is still hope. Early ultrasounds are incredibly stressful. I hope things look better next week.

  12. Fingers crossed for you. It was very early for the scan, but I know that does little to alleviate your anxiety. I ‘my hopeful the next u/s will show a yolk sac & a flickering heartbeat!

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