Circle + Bloom Discount Code!


Click here to get a 35% holiday discount at Circle + Bloom.*

During my IVF cycle, I listened to the Circle + Bloom meditation program for IUI/IVF almost every day. It’s a wonderful program! I credit it with keeping me calm and (relatively) stress-free through my IVF experience. What I loved the most about it was that it helped me visualize what my body was doing at each stage.

IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program

This program is meant to be used in combination with an advanced medicated cycle, which can be emotionally and physically draining. Feel in greater control over your fertility success. There are 18 different sessions including special sessions for the trigger/egg extraction, transfer procedure and the two week-wait.

When I got my BFP, I purchased their pregnancy program, which is just as detailed at the IUI/IVF program, with specific meditations for each week 5 through 13, and each month 4 through 9, plus a bonus Healthy Birth meditation.

Program for Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery

An essential addition to your prenatal toolkit for a healthy pregnancy and fearless delivery. Our program gives you 15 minutes per day for yourself to use proven mind-body techniques to reduce stress, and best balance and prepare your body timed to the changes occurring during each of the trimesters.

In addition, Circle + Bloom has meditations for natural cycles, PCOS, frozen embryo transfer, egg and embryo donation, sleeping, healing and recovery after miscarriage, general relaxation, and even a relaxation program specifically for men. I haven’t tried any of these other ones, so I can’t give you a recommendation, but if you are interested in purchasing one, you can use this discount code to save 35%.* (Expires 12/31/13, so hurry!) Most of the programs have a 100% money back guarantee.


* Circle + Bloom did not pay me for this post, but they will pay me 15% of any sales through this referral link. I would promote them anyway, because I really do believe in their products.

8 thoughts on “Circle + Bloom Discount Code!

  1. Thank you! I’ve been considering getting this and a 35% discount and helping another peep out is exactly the kind of motivation I needed! Do you know if I can download the program on multiple computers?

  2. Thank YOU! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

    I don’t know if you can download to more than one computer. The email I received said “Please note, the download link will expire after 5 attempts.” and “Please remember you have purchased a single user license of the program.” I only have 1 computer, so I can’t test it out.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this discount! I’ve been meaning to download a meditation program over the holidays and this discount motivated me to get it done in two minutes flat! WOOT!

  4. I loved it when I was doing IUI. I didn’t get pregnant, but it helped calm me down. Once I downloaded it to my computer, I was able to to send it to multiple devised with no problems.

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