Beta #2, Symptoms, & Random Stuff

As I write this, I’m waiting for the results of beta #2. The first one was 85 at 9dp5dt (one week ago). We’re hoping this one is 1,000+. If you’re impatient, scroll to the bottom for the big reveal.


In the mean time, I thought I’d catalog some of my pregnancy symptoms so far. The most outstanding and annoying one is the cramping, which I can never tell is due to intestinal distress or my uterus growing. All I know is that it wakes me up 2-3 times each night, and strikes 3-4 times during awake hours. It’s intense – I’d say 8 on a scale of 10 – and lasts about 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s followed by gas or a bowel movement, sometimes not. But it always feels the same, which makes it hard pinpoint the source. I am taking measures to deal with the constipation (Miralax and Fibercon, as well as plenty of veggies and water), but maybe I need to switch it up.

Like my last pregnancy, I’ve developed an aversion to sweets. This one I don’t mind at all! Sugar is (usually) my main weakness. To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement. But now, I don’t even want to be near sugar. No cookies, no candy, no rich chocolatey desserts. Yuck! I couldn’t be happier! Because I’m already significantly overweight, I’d like to minimize my pregnancy weight gain. Not consuming sweets will go a long way towards that goal. I just hope it lasts.

Is it possible that I already have pregnancy brain? Or is my interrupted sleep cycle making my brain foggy? It’s not terrible, just little things, like putting refrigerated items in the pantry, and giving answers like glacier instead of iceberg during a heated game of Trivial Pursuit with the family. (I was totally picturing an iceberg in my head, but glacier was the word that came out.)

The last major symptom is sore boobs. It comes and goes. Sometimes they just ache, without touching them, and sometimes I can squeeze them without the slightest pain. Other times, the fabric from my t-shirt touching them makes them scream. They also might be a little fuller, but I still fit comfortably in my bras.

I’m a little nauseated, mostly when I’m hungry, but I’m far from having anything resembling morning sickness. It could be that the B-complex I’m taking is helping with that. Sometimes I wish I had more nausea, you now, just as a little reassurance that things are okay in my womb, but most of the time I’m grateful that I’ve been spared (so far, anyway).


This past weekend, we shared our news with M’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law. They were excited and happy for us (which I expected). My mother-in-law even cried a little. My four-year-old niece was in the room, but she didn’t understand what was going on. She asked to see the picture of the embryos that we passed around, then hugged me and said “Congratulations!” I cannot wait until we get to the point when we can tell her that she’s going to have a new cousin.

I started seeing my therapist again. I meant to go during our IVF cycle, but with all of the out-of-town trips, I was just too exhausted to fit that in, too. But you better believe that she was one of the first 5 people to know about our results! I needed help processing it and to hear another person tell me that it’s okay to celebrate and be optimistic about this.


Beta came back at 2506! That’s like 34 hours doubling time. Next hurdle: First ultrasound scheduled for January 2. Wow.


12 thoughts on “Beta #2, Symptoms, & Random Stuff

  1. What a great 2nd beta! Congrats! I hear you on kind of wanting to have morning sickness. I hardly had any nausea at all, and instead of being grateful, I was worried that it was a bad omen for this pregnancy. But I’m now 26 weeks, so it’s all good. And you’re off to a great start, too!

  2. Those are some great numbers! I understand the caution, but I second your therapis – embrace those moments of joy when they come. You’re pregnant! This is a very big deal indeed, and worthy of celebration 🙂

  3. I have been scrolling through blog looking for this post because I remember reading about how you posted about this cramping early on. I’m at 4 weeks, and I’m also having this weird cramping issue. It woke me up last night, and I had it this afternoon. It’s the same thing. Comes on, lasts about 5 or so minutes, feels like my period is starting, and then it fades away. I know cramping in early pregnancy is normal, but of course I am concerned. How long did this last for you? And what did the doctors say about it?

    • I don’t think I ever mentioned it to the doctor. I’m pretty sure it was gas related. I had a hard time passing gas early on. I think it was just building up and causing pain. It did eventually go away… I want to say around 9-10 weeks. I was terrible at tracking symptoms with any consistency. Congratulations to you!

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