IVF Update: 1 Week on Stims

I decided not to do a blog post for each monitoring appointment, but I am tracking all the details on the new IVF Timeline page, for anyone interested in follicle sizes, blood work results, and medication dosages. My next blog update will probably be post-retrieval, but I will post updates in between on the timeline page and on Twitter.

After 7 days on stims, I’m right on track for egg retrieval Wednesday or Thursday of next week. That’s less than a week away! I currently have 14 follicles worth measuring, ranging from 15 mm to 8 mm. I’m hoping they all grow like mad so we get a good harvest. I still have fairly low expectations, but I feel like hoping for a dozen isn’t unrealistic at this point. Of course, what matters is their quality and how they fertilize and grow, but I’m trying my hardest not to get too far ahead of myself. (That doesn’t stop me from day dreaming about a positive pregnancy test and imagining how hard I’ll cry when we see a heartbeat on the monitor. Yeah, I know, cart before horse!)

So far, I haven’t had many side effects. I’m more tired than normal, and my appetite is decreased a little. I’ve had very mild headaches, which aren’t even really worth mentioning, except that it is rather unusual for me. Last night I started feeling really full in the ovary region, but so far it’s just a little uncomfortable. Tonight I add Ganirelix to the Menopur/Bravelle cocktail, so I can continue to grow follicles without risking spontaneous ovulation.

Emotionally, I’m mostly mellow. I’ve been listening to the Circle + Bloom meditation program for IVF, which helps me relax. Still, every so often, my mind runs through worst-case scenarios, but I can usually shut them down pretty quick with my meditation techniques.

So, that’s all for now, folks!

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