Q&A session with the Center for Human Reproduction

Q&A about DHEA and fertility


A while ago the wonderful @ivffervescent collated questions from the infertility twitter and blog world about DHEA, and worked with the Center for Human Reproduction in New York to get us some answers to these questions. Unfortunately, @ivffervescent had some ‘identity issues’ with her blog and had to delete it, and is therefore unable to publish the Q&A. Which is where I come in. Never one to turn down an opportunity to look like a super hero without actually having to do any work I agreed to publish the results on her behalf. So….

Disclaimer:  The answers are general recommendations, and that readers should consult their physician or knowledgeable reproductive endocrinologist before they start DHEA supplementation.

Question 1 (submitted by On Fecund Thought / @onfecundthought )

a)  How is DHEA thought to improve egg quality exactly?

DHEA is converted into androgens (mostly testosterone) in the body. CHR’s research (following…

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