Let’s Get This (IVF) Party Started!

Hello, old friend

Popped my first birth control pill in 3 years this morning. The plan is to take it for about a month to “quiet” my ovaries, then start stimulation injections (see previous post for an outline of my IVF timeline).

I’ve read quite a few Twitter and blog posts about other women who feel awful on the birth control pill and just hate taking it. I’m not expecting much in terms of side effects. I was on this same pill for nearly 14 years and I always felt great.

You’d think it would feel wrong in some way to be taking birth control when I’m trying to get pregnant, but for me, this is just another IVF medication. I’m looking forward to the mental break from TTC for the next month or so. I know I won’t ovulate; I won’t have to worry about timing sex or guessing when my period will show up. I’m “letting go and letting RE” for the next two months. Wow! Is that all? Just two months?! Usually, in the TTC universe, two weeks seems like an eternity of waiting. But, when you consider that all of this will be over for us – one way or another – at the end of this IVF round (two months from now), it seems like no time at all.

21 thoughts on “Let’s Get This (IVF) Party Started!

  1. For anyone who has never dealt with infertility it may seem weird to be taking birth control, but anyone who has been through it knows its just another part of the process! I was on the pill for 5 months once I was diagnosed with pcos because I hadn’t had a period in 9 months. I hope your body reacts as well to it this time as it has in the past!

  2. “letting go and letting RE” –that was pretty much my attitude when we were going through IVF. There’s only so much you can control during this, so I think that’s a great attitude to have. Best of luck!

    • Yes, exactly! I’ve spent years trying to control the outcome of my cycles in some way. It was so stressful and exhausting, and it didn’t help at all. I’m ready to turn it over to someone else.

  3. The bcp portion of the program is the best time to cross items off your bucket list prior to the IVF meds. I always looked forward to that step in some ways, to mentally prepare myself. Good luck!

    • That makes sense: if they don’t tell you about it, it would be easy to think they have you confused with someone else. 🙂 Thanks for the luck! I feel like I’m going to need all I can get.

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