Pregnant by Christmas?

This feels really weird to say: I could be pregnant by Christmas. I’ve known this for months, expecting that we would do IVF before the end of the year, but now the idea is becoming more real.

Yesterday, M and I made the 3-hour trek to the only RE clinic in the state to 1) learn all the messy details of IVF (M’s face still hurts from flinching every time the nurse said vagina – approximately 1,217,493 times, according to M), 2) leave specimen samples, 3) sign dozens of consent forms, and 4) hand over many thousands of dollars for our prepayment to get the show on the road. Our tentative timeline:

October 8 (or thereabouts): Call the clinic on CD 1. Start birth control a few days after that.

Between CD 1 and November 15: Hysterosonogram, trial transfer, procure medications. The hysterosonogram (or saline sonogram) is to check my uterus for polyps or other bits that might interfere with implantation. Normally, I wouldn’t have to have this done, since I had a hysteroscopy a year ago, but my constant premenstrual spotting could indicate something isn’t quite right. Best to fix it before IVF.

November 17: Last birth control pill.

November 22: Baseline appointment. Start stimulation medications (Bravelle and Menopur).

November 25: Blood work.

Between November 27-December 3: Monitoring appointments. Somewhere in there start Ganirelix (Antagon) to prevent ovulation.

Between December 1 and 10: Egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

After the transfer, I opted to use Crinone instead of progesterone in oil injections. I was happy to learn that both are equally effective. The fewer injections, the better, in my book.

I'm going to be seeing lots more of this waiting room in the coming weeks.

I’m going to be seeing lots more of this waiting room in the coming weeks.

How am I feeling about all this? It depends on the moment. I go from excited and hopeful, to exhausted (yes, even before we’ve started!), to wondering why the hell we’re throwing away our money on something that has a greater chance of failing than succeeding. So, really, nothing has changed. I’m all over the place, on a daily basis.

Overall, I will admit, I am hopeful. Did you catch that? I am hopeful. No other treatment we’ve done has had me feeling this genuinely optimistic. I really do believe that we have a good chance at getting pregnant the first try. I know there are a million things that can go wrong, but I have this feeling that they won’t. Of course, now that I’ve put it out there, I’m scared that the universe will strike back with everything it has to make sure I don’t get too comfy in my optimism.

22 thoughts on “Pregnant by Christmas?

    • I appreciate your cheering me on! I always feel like the odds are against me, when it comes to things over which I have no control. Conception as a whole is a low-odds game. The chances of NOT getting pregnant in any given month, even for fertiles, is much higher than the chances of getting pregnant. IVF success rates, even those that are considered high, are still much lower than the failure rate. Most women need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant (we can afford only one). Throw in endometriosis, and my chances are even lower. Still, I’m hopeful that we’ll beat the odds!

  1. Best of luck to you in your cycle! It can seem really overwhelming. But it will go by really fast! (I am currently in my 9 day wait, & started stims on 9/13!) Take one day at a time & use this blog as much as you need. There is a wonderful community of support here. Wishing you success! Can’t wait to follow your journey.

  2. Yay for optimism! I was trying not to get my hopes up too much by telling myself that the first IVF cycle is a diagnostic cycle because the drs are trying to figure out how your body is going to respond- thankfully it worked out!

    I totally agree with Crinone over PIO. I would rather messy underwear than extra shots.

    Crossing my fingers for a successful cycle for you!

    • Thanks! I was just telling my friend that even if it doesn’t work, as long as we find out something useful about my eggs or the combo of my eggs and his sperm, I will be okay with that.

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