IUI #1 & AMH Woes

IUI #1 went off without a hitch yesterday. Rather than wake up in the middle of the night to make the long trek to the Big City where they do all the inseminating, M and I drove there Sunday evening and stayed at a hotel.

M’s numbers were great: Something like 86 million swimmers and nearly 90% motility. I don’t recall if those were pre- or post-wash numbers. The nurse said that 10 million is a great number, and we were way above that, so I sort of tuned out the details. While I’m not completely comforted by the fact that our infertility problem is most likely all me, I am relieved that we have one less thing to worry about.

Update: I emailed the nurse for the numbers: Pre-wash there were 197.5 million sperm; post-wash there were 83.9 million. The post-wash motility was 86%.

Speaking of me…. My AMH* came back low: 0.6. My RE warned that she would expect to retrieve no more than 4-5 eggs for IVF with a number like that. That’s not great – in fact, I nearly cried when she said it – but the good news is that we can still do IVF. I would have been heartbroken had she said IVF wouldn’t be worth it. Of course, I’m hoping that we won’t need to go that route, but at least it’s still an option.

Even with my abysmal AMH number, I had two mature follicles when I triggered. Two! One on each ovary. I knew this on Wednesday, but neglected to mention it to M. Boy, did his eyes get big when the nurse casually mentioned it just before the IUI. Oops. I just hope they were good quality.

The IUI itself was easy and painless. No cramping, no spotting. The nurse remarked that my cervix was nice and open, which made it easier for her to insert the catheter. Everything went so smoothly, we mostly joked about the cheesy fluorescent light panels (made to look like you’re lying on a beach), and how awkward it was for my husband to be in the room while someone else was up in my business and (hopefully) impregnating me while he watched. Fun times!

After the procedure, we stuffed our faces with sushi, then headed home. On the way, we saw a bull mounting a cow in a field next to the highway. I couldn’t help but feel jealous: I bet that cow won’t have a problem getting knocked up. 

Now…. We wait. Two weeks seems like an eternity.


* AMH (anti-Müllerian hormone): one indication of ovarian reserve. Low level indicates low reserve, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. AMH levels probably don’t reflect egg quality.


20 thoughts on “IUI #1 & AMH Woes

  1. I’m so glad that your first IUI went smoothly, I hope it’ll have great results in the end! Not going to lie, I probably would have had the same thoughts about the bull and cow 😀

  2. Sounds very promising!! 2 follicles is great. 🙂 The bull mounting the cow cracks me up. I’m jealous of her too! I bet she will be pregnant no problem lol. However, I saw a cow get an iui once…. of course she wasn’t doped up on fertility drugs!

  3. I’m glad the IUI went well. Two follicles and super mobile sperm has got to be a good sign and a cow being mounted has got to be some form of good luck omen! I hope the two week wait goes by quickly and you get a good result at the end.

  4. I can relate to your apprehension in dealing with low AMH – I’m right there with you. Don’t buy into a lot of the hype on different websites that promise some miracle cure, but discuss what kind of protocol your RE is going to choose. I haven’t gone through IVF myself yet, but from what I understand, DOR women respond differently to stimming so it may be worth a conversation if you haven’t already had it. And just remember – 4 or 5 eggs may not seem like a lot, but all you need is 1 good one!

    I’m still pretty new here and only recently started writing my own blog on WordPress, but I’m hoping to find more people like you who are sharing their IF journeys as well. Good luck & best wishes!!

    • Thanks for your comment! I look forward to checking out your blog.

      That’s going to be my mantra: It only takes one good egg! I plan on asking lots of questions about specific protocols for low AMH. My clinic tends to be pretty conservative, by which I mean they tend to start everyone out the same, then adjust as needed. I can’t afford to waste time (as if anyone can, right?), so I want to stay on top of things and make sure I get a customized protocol from the beginning.

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