First Day of School Blues: An Infertile’s Perspective

I’ve known that the first day of school was looming for a while now. It’s one of those things just about everyone talks about, the start of another “season” of sorts, whether or not you have kids in school. It’s on the local news (Drive carefully – precious cargo crossing the streets everywhere! Don’t forget to stop for busses – it’s the law!). Coworkers are taking the morning off to personally deliver their first-timers to the classroom. All those annoying commercials for school supplies.

What I didn’t expect was how sad I would feel that day – today. The grief came out of nowhere, a result of the many first day of school photos in my Facebook news feed, followed by Oh, I can’t believe my baby is all grown up! or I can’t believe we have a middle-schooler already! Usually, photos of older children don’t bother me at all. Even baby pics aren’t as much of a trigger anymore.

It’s definitely all the proud mom and dad stuff that has me on the verge of tears today.

The stuff I’m so afraid I’ll never get the chance to feel.

It hurts so much.

10 thoughts on “First Day of School Blues: An Infertile’s Perspective

  1. This time of year stings. I’ve been stuck behind a few busses on my way to work this week, while watching parents with cameras out and waving. Awful. It also doesn’t help that we live right across from the bus stop corner, with mobs of kids and parents flocking, often blocking or even pulling into our driveway as I’m trying to leave for work.

  2. Yep, I get it. My 5th IUI cycle was a bust, so now I am dieting the next 6 months to prepare for IVF. If that does not work, then adoption it is-I will be making those posts of FB someday and I bet you will too!!

  3. Sometimes it’s the mundane stuff that you least expect that hurts the most. How I wish for us too, to be included in all the hoopla one day. In the meantime, sending you hugs.

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