Tonsillectomy Diaries: Recovery Day 3

Just a quick update. Not much has changed. I figured out a comfortable way to sleep sitting up in bed, so, while I’m still not getting a whole lot of sleep overall, I’m able to take longer naps without feeling like I’m choking. I can’t believe how much my uvula is still swollen! My whole throat is so gross. My pain level is still the same, and eating is still difficult and slow. I’m starting to feel some general pain in my jaw from being clamped open during the surgery. I really have no appetite at all. I only eat when I start to feel nauseated. I sip water constantly, though, so I’m swallowing plenty.

My nose after the septoplasty has been completely stuffed up. Having a humidifier in the room helps a bit, but I’m still breathing through my mouth most of the time, which makes my throat pain worse, especially at night. Unfortunately, I’m forbidden from using a Neti Pot for a month. Every once in awhile, my nose opens up – sweet relief! – but then minutes later, fills up again.

Good old Aunt Flow did indeed show up early – 5 days early. The good news is that I was already heavily medicated, so I didn’t feel a single cramp. It’s strange not having the usual cramps, intense cravings for chocolate, or emotional breakdowns AF typically travels with. The bad news is that all the pain-killers have left me unable to poop for days.

Still, I’m glad I’m here in bed, not eating or sleeping, rather than attempting to avoid all the baby bumps at my sister’s Fourth of July party. Did I mention yet that a fifth cousin announced her pregnancy this past week? (Well, she’s a second cousin, but we’re close enough.) I don’t know all the due dates, but at least 2 are due in October, right around my birthday. I’m already planning to set aside extra time with the therapist this fall.

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  6. I’m on day 3 of recovery (Day 1 being the day of the operation). I feel completely exhausted and dizzy but I really don’t have much pain at all. It’s difficult and uncomfortable to swallow but not all that painful. It’s 14:30 now and I last took pain relief at 7am.. Surely I should be in agony by now. I’m thinking it might be because my tonsils were quite small so I perhaps have a smaller wound..?

  7. This blog is amazing. I’m on day 3 right now and stuggling!!! Like for real. I can’t talk. I choke on my damn uvula. I wish I would have read this before I have my tonsillectomy! I Would have changed my voice mail because my coworkers keep calling me. And old habits die hard… I try to answer and strain my voice. Its a vicious cycle lol

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