Weekend Update: My New Niece

I wanted to post a quick update to my last post. First of all, thank you all for your support in the name department. If the time comes, I can tell my husband, “The Internet has spoken: The name is ours.”

We never did Skype with my in-laws. I have my new niece to thank for that. Apparently, she’s doing a wonderful job disrupting their sleep schedule. Speaking of….

I met C on Saturday. Of course, my eyes welled with tears the moment I saw her (and her crazy spiked hair), but none fell. I know it would have been perfectly fine to cry in front of everyone, but it turns out, it wasn’t as emotional a moment as I had anticipated. I held her for hours, smelling her tiny head, watching her stretch out and curl up again, and listening to her tiny sighs and hums.

One thought on “Weekend Update: My New Niece

  1. I was away and I am just catching up. I definitely think you can pick the name you want too! Very glad to hear that meeting your niece went well! šŸ™‚

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