Here We Go Again (Again)

Last cycle started with M and I so sick, I feared we may not be up for making a baby. We soldiered through, doing the bare minimum.

Here we are again, at the start of our third cycle on Femara and a trigger, and sick again (or still sick? We were starting to feel better….). I finally dragged my ass to a doctor to figure out how serious this is, not being able to breathe normally and all. I don’t have influenza, thankfully, or bronchitis or pneumonia, but I stocked up on hand sanitizer and cough suppressant to minimize the transmission of whatever plague has set up residence in my lungs.

This cycle will be a bit different. Because I’ve had mid-luteal phase spotting for the last two medicated cycles, I will be using progesterone suppositories after ovulation. For those unfamiliar, I’m referring to spotting that occurs about 7 days after ovulation and 7 days before my period, lasting 2-3 days. There are several potential causes, including low progesterone. The doctor gave me the option of testing my progesterone level a week after I ovulate, but, by then, it may be too late to supplement. This is a common it may not help, but it won’t hurt treatment that many women claim helped them conceive and stay pregnant. Because I’ve always been a spotter, I’m eager to see if this will keep the spotting away. I’m even more eager to see if this will help me get pregnant and grow a healthy baby.

In the mean time, I’m focused on kicking this cough to the curb.

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