I’m Relaxed, Now Give Me a Baby!

Just relax and it will happen. There isn’t an infertile in the world who doesn’t bristle at that horrible, misinformed piece of advice. It’s a ridiculous, tired, old cliche.

I have nothing against relaxing. I enjoy relaxing just as much as anyone. I believe that relaxation is good for one’s health, but I don’t believe that it has magical powers that will increase anyone’s chances of getting pregnant. Nor do I believe that stress will prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

Nevertheless, for the past few weeks, I’ve been relaxing like it’s my job.


But, Kitten, making relaxation a job kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

Probably, but that doesn’t make my weekly massages, daily mediation, and frequent glasses of wine any less enjoyable.



One thought on “I’m Relaxed, Now Give Me a Baby!

  1. HATE to hear “Just relax and it will happen!” Also equally hate “If you stop trying it will happen!” I wish I had an automatic regurgitation reflex that I could use immediately upon hearing such phrases. Ha!

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